Comfort Food (Day 570 and 571)

Because I’ve done nothing but attempt to write a literature review for the past two days, here is a short post and pic of the delicious comfort food I’ve discovered. 

After the one hour sleep I got last week when that stupid persons car horn went off all night, I decided I needed some comfort food to soothe my poor migraine-ridden brain. For the first time, I made a baked Camembert. And it was delicious. I stuffed it with garlic (would add some rosemary or something if the sorts next time too – just didn’t have anything else on hand at he time) and let it melt away in the oven. I didn’t have a box to bake it in as most people suggested so I popped it in a small ceramic oven dish on some baking paper and just kept a close eye on it. 20 minutes later (at 180 degrees Celsius) I had a delicious, gooey, melted cheese ‘mess’ (well, once you cut into it and it just ran out). I had also toasted up some garlic bread to dip in. And I couldn’t recommend a better comfort food that your brain will thank you for (… your waistline may not). 



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