Book Sale! (Day 574 and 575)

And because I have done nothing but work for the past two days, here’s a post on the book sale I went to a week ago! I couldn’t even fit all the books in the photo so pictured are just a few of them. 

Scholastic NZ had a end-of-school-holiday sale: fill a box for $20. I’ve never seen them have this sale before; normally every school holidays they just have a really good sale with books for $2 etc. But this was pretty damn good. I tried to go last Friday but the queue was so long it was an estimate three hour wait to get in! I’m not that patient. So I went early the next morning and only waited for around 45min. And it was totally worth it. A hint for anyone going to a future one of these sales: if it is the fill-a-box sale, get there super early or risk waiting on a queue for hours, especially if it is summer and you don’t want to stand in the burning sun. All of their other sales I’ve never had to wait – and those are still really good, so maybe just go for their regular sales if you don’t want to be standing around in a crowd. 

I have a love of cheesy young-adult novels and Scholastic has an abundance of them. I ended filling my box with $20 novels – so $1 a book! And I’ve run out of room on my bookcase (which I had already cleared out and stored last year). Whoops. 

For the New Zealanders out there – keep an eye on Scholastic’s Facebook page for future events!


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