Movie Nights Are The Best Nights (Day 590 and 591)

This weekend, with the crazy weather we’ve been having, saw it only right that my friends and I have a movie night! Movie of choice? Hunt for the Wilderpeople. 

Opinion: everyone needs to see it! It’s a feel good, funny but serious when needed, witty, sarcastic masterpiece. And it’s so very very kiwi. For those who like the other New Zealand favourite, vampire mockumentary, What We Do in the Shadows then you’ll likely love Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This movie is so quotable. And I think the kiwi accent is even stronger on screen. The best characters have to be Ricky (the main kid) and his social worker (“no child left behind”) and tag-along cop. Sarcasm at its finest and un-PC banter makes these characters so good to watch. Too funny and so smart!

And it went down oh so well with pizza and the horrid humid rainy weather. Well, a pizza with double pineapple because that’s the only way to ever order it! 

“I didn’t choose the skux life, the skux life chose me”


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