Some Days You Just Feel Old (Day 621 and 622)

Aka those times when you are in your twenties but feel like you’re in your eighties. Why you may ask? Well, a few weeks ago I stupidly hit my hip on the corner of a kitchen countertop. But it didn’t hurt my hip so much as my back. And it looks like I pulled a muscle of which I had a deep tissue massage on two days ago. And have spent the last two days feeling the all over muscle pain. I can only assume the pain is a good thing and the the muscle pull was found. But seriously. Ouch. 

And I’m still waiting on feedback from my PhD proposal to find out whether I can get onto the actual research. So that means catching up on some other work (paid work. Woo) before I get my first lot of assignment marking. Busy times, busy times. But a chiropractor appointment tomorrow means hanging around home until Friday when I have a some more work to do in the city centre. So I shall enjoy the rest tomorrow (and the potential pain in my back after putting t back how it should be). 

But have taken the time to start back reading books whenever possible. As this posts photo suggests, it’s has turned into reading some Stephen Hawking on any train journeys I end up taking (…buses cause way to much motion sickness for that)! Maybe some book reviews to come when I eventually find the time to finish this book? Well, so far it’s interesting. I do like that the Brief History of Time explains some of the worlds most interesting concepts and theories in an understandable way. And more importantly I’m feel like I’m learning something – learning is fun #nerdlife. This is definitely one of those books everyone should read (along with Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and To Kill a Mocking Bird), well in my opinion anyway. It’s definitely a classic!

Life. It just doesn’t stop. But we keep on going. 


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