Weekend-y Weekends (Day 625 and 626)

How much more weekend-y can a weekend get when you do nothing?!

I was tired. And not feeling the greatest. So I decided to just hang around home and do absolutely nothing. And it was great! I started binge watching Modern Family from season 1 – great show and easy to watch whilst dozing around. And then today I went out and bought an iron – this makes me officially an adult. I mean I don’t have an ironing board yet – that’s a job for tomorrow – but I have an iron and that’s the most important part, right? I also ended up at h&m to buy a pair of grey jeans I’ve been wanting (but they haven’t had in stock lately) abs ended up walking into a pretty big sale. Scored myself a pair of cropped jeans for $10! How could I say no?!

I think I’m going to work from home for the next two days. Tired, stormy weather and no intense work this week that requires me to work from a decent computer. I have a little bit of work to do but can do it, taking my time, from home; I worked my butt off on Friday and got a heap of work done. Yay productivity!

So here is a photo that reflects my day today. When you get to Aucklands (probably) busiest mall just after opening to avoid crowds, and park in the car park that everyone seems to forget about. It’s kind of fun having the whole car park to yourself; you don’t lose your car quite so easily!


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