Post-Exercise Pain (Day 637 and 638)

In a continuation of the last post, the post-Pilates pain was real. Lucky for me I had a chiropractor session booked which solved the headache issue. But the pain was all muscular and there wasn’t much he could do. However, there happened to be a free deep tissue appointment right after my chiro session. So I snatched that right up! And it was a miracle!

If you’ve never had a deep tissue massage before I highly recommend it. I went from not being able to move my back to just minimal muscle pain. The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed and was able to go to my yoga class at work! More importantly I could walk without pain. Total life saver. 

And besides that I have done nothing but work. Sorry to be disappointing but that’s just life. The rain has cleared up. Well except for the brief 30 minutes where I was outside and it decided to torrentially downpour. And now I feel pretty average. Thanks Mother Nature. But the storm has passed and the weather is cooling. So here’s a photo taken whilst waiting for the bus to work. Exciting stuff. 


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