Free Weekend (Day 639 and 640)

I had my weekend to myself! No work to do, just an actual weekend! Woo!

Saturday, I went to see the Lego Batman movie. Because that’s what every self-respecting adult should do. Then I caught up with some friends for drinks and Cards Against Humanity to forget the pretty average week that was. 

Today was spent, well, ironing. Yup. My new obsession. Turns out ironing is incredibly relaxing! My new favourite ‘chore’. And end of week stress relief. I’ve also been binge watching Modern Family and started season 4 today. Still just as entertaining as when it was first on TV. 

And now to get ready for tomorrow. Back to work and a busy few weeks ahead. Research and design work will take up this week followed by grading papers the next week. Time to manage stress and surround myself by calmness and good music. 

And today’s photo: a photo taken the last time I spent the entire day at work (rather than a few hours after getting soaked in a post-cyclone downpour that made me go home early to warm up). Nature can be simply pretty. 


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