Cookies! (Day 641 and 642)

It’s been a weird few days. You know when you just wake up and things just seem off? Yeah. That. And I’ve been crazy stressed the last few days so things have just been all around weird. 

But there’s one thing that can help make anything better: cookies! I made an order from my favourite NZ cookie store, Cookie Time Cookies! I bought my favourite apricot chocolate chip mini cookies as well as a bag of broken chocolate chunk cookies (which came with a free bag of broken triple chocolate cookies – my thee favourite). Cookie Time are by no means cheap cookies – but they are delicious and remind me of my childhood. They’re the cookies you used to buy at the school tuck shop for $1 every lunch time and the cookies you used to heat up so all the giant chunks of chocolate melted. So. Good. And totally worth the money. 

I really love that they sell off the broken cookies! And to my surprise they were the large cookies that had been broken! I don’t mind broken cookies – they’re going to get broken in my belly anyway! And it’s a great affordable way to sell off product that people don’t want because of how they look; they still taste just as delicious, trust me. Thanks Cookie Time!


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