Easter Weekend (Day 645 and 646)

And because I tired myself out eating chocolate yesterday this post is 12 hours late. Whoops. 

Because it is Easter weekend I have literally done nothing the past two days. Nothing has been open, so all I’ve done is watch crappy TV and eat chocolate. Woo!

I did go and visit family yesterday for lunch which was nice but travelling is just so tiring. Especially with all of the family drama of last year, it is just quite draining doing anything now. So we kept it short and sweet and I made it home without falling asleep in the backseat of the car (a miracle in itself). 

So because I had my phone away during family time and because I haven’t left the house otherwise, here’s a photo from a sunnier, less cyclone ridden day in Auckland central!
A wee note to my followers:

I’ve also made a decision this morning. To start blogging a little less as I’ve become a lot busier in my work life. So I am going to start aiming for weekly but it may occasionally be more or less. I want to post when I have something to post about: something funny or interesting, and most likely reviews of things I’ve fallen in love with (usually beauty products as I occasionally get something awesome sent to me from Beauty Review NZ). Change can be good and I’m happy with how long I’ve committed to almost daily blogging. So time to cut back and focus on quality now I’ve got my blog to a place I’m happy with!


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