Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Makeup Remover

Well, this is the first post on my new blogging journey. No more daily blogging; more blogging about things I love. And one of those things is trying new beauty products. It’s a hazard (to my wallet). I will try and post weekly, most likely reviewing something I’ve used or something I’ve done that was fun and in need of being shared. But for now I give you my review for an awesome product sent to me to trial! 

Beauty Review NZ kindly sent me the Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Remover to trial. So the following review (and any other beauty review trials) is taken from that Beauty Review trial review posted on that website (just referencing myself so I don’t alert people to plagiarism … on myself …). Enjoy!

I don’t usually use makeup removers because I find that they never seem to work easily or allow for my makeup to come off cleanly – they’re just not worth the effort. But with this product, I am actually really impressed! I went in with super low expectations because of my past experiences with makeup removers; needless to say my expectations were surpassed.

The product is unscented (or lowly scented – I can’t tell), nicely packaged and a great size! I usually don’t bother buying eye makeup remover products to try because the packaging is too big to try and not like it. But this size is perfect (125ml). The packaging is clean and simple (funnily enough) and doesn’t look cheap or tacky (I absolutely loathe products that look cheap and tacky).

The eye makeup remover itself is something different. Reading the instructions, you need to shake the bottle before use because it is a ‘dual effect’ remover; you need to combine the two ‘ingredients’. This does seem to make the product bubble a little. I applied this product using a cotton pad and, as per the instructions, didn’t scrub my eyes. Rather, I held the soaked cotton pad to my eye for a few seconds and then slowly wiped the pad from the inside of my eye to the outside. And low and behold my eye makeup was removed! One interesting thing I found was that the product left an oily feeling residue. I didn’t like this at first until I washed my face and found that this residue help to remove any left over eye makeup. It also meant that my eyes didn’t feel dry or sore as removing eye makeup by other means can. It really kept the sensitive skin around my eyes hydrated (something I usually have trouble with when using makeup removers)!

Now, I trialled this product on two different eye makeup occasions. The first being simply when I received this product to trial, I wanted to use it straight away but wasn’t wearing any makeup. I quickly applied some eye makeup (eye shadow, eye liner and mascara) just as I would on a day to day basis (not too heavy, not too light). Removing the makeup straight after applying I found this remover took away all of the makeup with ease! One wipe and it was all gone! Despite not usually removing makeup as soon as it is applied, what this means to me is that should I make a mistake with my eyeliner when I am applying it, this remover (with a cotton bud) should easily tidy up any mistakes without irritating my eyes.

The true test was removing makeup at the end of a long day of wearing it. It did not remove it all with quite so much ease. I removed it the exact same way (a soaked cotton pad held on the eye then slowly wiping away) and there was a little eyeliner residue still remaining. This seem to disappear with one more wipe of the product and was fully removed after cleansing. So I am not disappointed with this result at all. It is by far the best eye makeup remover product I have used.

I usually don’t use makeup remover products because they never seem to work and leave my skin feeling quite dry. I usually just cleanse and hope for the best. Now, however, I will definitely repurchase this product once it is gone. I also might try it on my makeup brushes – I use micellar water to clean my makeup brushes and it works a treat (and half the price of makeup brush cleaner) – to see whether it works on those also.

If you live in NZ and are keen to read and contribute to Beauty Review, sign up here! If you live in NZ, you may have the opportunity to trial free beauty products; if you don’t, you can still read some awesome reviews!


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