Goodness Break-up Make-up Balm Review

It’s been an interesting week; stress upon stress upon stress. So what better way to relax than to sit back and review a product from a pretty awesome New Zealand brand!

I have used other products by Goodness so I was super excited to trial this one through Beauty Review NZ (thanks guys!) – especially because of how cute it looked! I do love that it is made in New Zealand and vegan and full of goodness (… right … I see how they got their name …). As usual with Beauty Review products sent to me, this review is based off the one I have given for them – just an extended version where no word-count limits me!

This product is easy to use and a great size that is perfect for travelling as well as everyday use. I have been using it for a week and I feel like I have barely made a dent in the amount of product. I would guess this will last me quite a while. You simply scoop out a little bit of the product (they suggest about a fingernail sized amount – I used a little more depending on how heavy my makeup was), ‘smoosh’ it on your face (as the company instructs) – on dry skin – massage it around your face and into your makeup, then simply wipe off with a warm, damp cloth. I personally used this right before showering so I applied the product then massaged it off with hot water in the shower.

The cutest packaging ever! This product comes in a small 80ml tin, with a patterned, pastel paint-splashed container (tin bottom) and a cute matching lemon yellow lid. I don’t usually reuse beauty product containers but I for sure will be reusing this cute one! It feels and looks luxurious and really makes you think that it is a quality product. Although this product won’t break the bank, this packaging alone gives off the feeling of quality and grass-roots goodness.

It also smells pretty good for a make-up remover. It is lightly lemon scented which is one of my favourite scents as it equal parts refreshing and calming. I love the ingredients in this product: coconut, olive, sunflower seed, chia seed and avocado oils! I am not a huge fan of the feeling of oily skin, but once this product was washed off thoroughly, my skin simply felt soft and hydrated rather than super oily. I tend to have sensitive, dry-combination skin and although the feeling of heavy, oily skin was definitely something to get used to, after thoroughly wiping the product off this heavy feeling went away (I wouldn’t call the product itself lightweight but once removed this heavier feeling went away).

Unfortunately, this product didn’t seem to be able to remove all of my makeup; it got rid of the majority of it, but some of the heavier make-up remained. It definitely removed the lighter makeup (foundation, BB cream, some eyeshadow) but it didn’t seem to be able to handle the heavier eyeliner or mascara. However, it did seem to make it easier to remove when I used my usual cleanser straight afterwards. For this reason alone I will continue to use it – if it makes my make-up easier and gentler to remove with cleanser then that is still a win in my book!

I will also continue to use this product especially in the colder, winter months when my skin gets drier, as was nicely hydrating on my sensitive skin. Essentially, I wouldn’t rely on this product alone to remove all of my heavier make-up, but when using alongside a cleanser it definitely made my make-up easier and gentler to get off! This range is definitely kind to your skin; packed full of natural goodies that don’t seem to dry out or irritate my sensitive skin. For the price, it is definitely worth a try!

In reading about this brand, turns out I have figure out why I like it! Goodness comes to us from the brilliant people behind the more expensive Trilogy and Ecoya (those candles: so freakin good). I love that they are made in NZ and source their materials from only the best places. They don’t test on animals, are vegan-friendly and use recyclable packaging. All good stuff from Goodness!

Go ahead, give them a try! And let me know what you think


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