Better Burger, Auckland

The ultimate foodie question: is Better Burger really the better burger?

And I have to say, it’s pretty damn good.

Better Burger, now with three locations in Auckland CBD, has potentially one of the smallest menu’s at any restaurant in New Zealand. But this is what I absolutely LOVE about this place. There are four burgers (hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger and a vegetarian mushroom burger), fries, milkshakes (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry) and sodas (only Coke or Sprite). That’s it. Well, besides the only additional ingredient you can add to your burger: bacon. Of course.

As a person who is dreadful at making decisions, this place is a dream to go to. I don’t even have to make a decision! The only thing that is appetising to me is the good old, basic cheeseburger. I got mine as a combo with the fries and a Coke – my flatmate got the milkshake and it was awesomely old school (simply soft serve ice cream and flavouring). Despite this limited menu, this place is ALWAYS busy with people lined up around the building – despite having three locations near to each other.

The burger: simple but delicious. I see Better Burger as your old school, homemade burger. Real meat, real veges. Simple and delicious. It was super filling despite looking small – that may just be me a my strange inability to eat a lot of red meat without feeling full. The bun was no low quality bread; rather, it was quite heavy (in a good way) and didn’t fall apart (a total win in my book). Better Burger use a ‘honey bun’ sourced from local bakers and it really does have that fresh taste about it. The veges were crisp and fresh; pickles, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. The beef patty a hearty size, made from 100% New Zealand angus beef. Their ‘special sauce’ is delicious; not overpowering or drowning out the burger’s flavour, just a perfect addition to liven things up. Nothing fancy. Nothing over the top or strange. Simple yet delicious.

But I have to say, the real winner at Better Burger is their fries. So. Freakin. Good. They even keep the bags of the potatoes out in the dining area so you can see what your fries are made of! They are perfectly salted, crisp and still have the potato skins on them. Fresh, crunchy, deliciousness. Hands down the best fries I have had to date.

So, is Better Burger the better burger? Well, yeah – it is definitely one of the better burgers around. I wouldn’t say it was the best burger in the world, but it is so simple and comforting. And really, they never claimed to be the best burger; just a better burger – and that they are. It reminded me of a homemade burger and the ingredients were all so simple but fresh and crisp and all added to the flavour of the burger. It wasn’t anything fancy or different; just good old fashioned comfort food. Yum!


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