Grill and Shakes, Auckland

This could be seen as a story about how a change of plans turned into the greatest find. Ever.

It was only yesterday, a cold Saturday evening, when my friends and I were perusing Instagram and found pictures of those fancy milkshakes. You know the ones! Those with a crazy amount of random toppings that look unbelievably amazing. Those fancy milkshakes turned out to be tagged to a little milkshake place in Auckland. So obviously we set plans then and there to head out and try them!

To find they closed early.

Luckily we checked this before we headed out. However, we were left craving milkshakes. Good, different, beyond delicious milkshakes. So onto Google we went. And found Grill and Shakes in Kingsland, Auckland! And they were open! We jumped in the car and raced off.

Grill and Shakes is officially the greatest mistake find I have ever made! They boast a ridiculous 69 milkshake flavours. All simple, basic, but beyond delicious flavours. Their flavours have a distinct Kiwi vibe; from NZ lollies to chocolates to biscuits and cakes. Their milkshakes are simple; none of this crazy topping business. But simple is best. Just ice cream, milk and your choice of flavour (including milky bar chocolate, carrot cake, ginger nut biscuit or even cola bottle lollies)! The hardest part is choosing just one flavour.

I (eventually) chose peanut m&m’s; my friends chose crunchie/hokey pokey and pineapple lumps. They are all pretty delicious to be honest and I was actually very tempted to buy a second one to take home for dessert. You can have them in the store – they actually have plenty of seating in an upstairs area which is great to see in a central Auckland store – or have them take out (like ours were). What I actually love about this is that the size isn’t too big. I know that can seem weird to many, but I actually really hate when places create massive portions which you can never finish without feeling sick. This standard size meant that they were finished whilst still being enjoyable; no dairy overload!

Sometimes mistakes can work out for the better. And Grill and Shakes was one of those mistakes for me. I probably will still check out those crazy fancy milkshakes at some point, but at this point in time I am seriously doubting that they will live up to the amazingness that was my Grill and Shakes milkshake. Now all that remains is the decision as to what to get next time…


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