Allbirds – the Comfiest Shoes in the World?

Allbirds, a small company started via crowdfunding, claim to have made the comfiest shoes in the world. I said “prove it”!

I bought the Allbirds runners – I have been looking for a comfy running type shoes for everyday wear and these seemed perfect! Allbirds are different than your average activewear shoe. The key thing: they are made of merino wool! This NZ merino wool is turned into a suitable fabric in a factory in Italy and then assembled fully in South Korea. Quite the international collaboration! Did I also mention they come in a really cool shoe box?! Well, they do!

The best thing about a merino wool shoe? They keep your feet warm in the cold and cool in the warm. As a person with constantly cold feet this was a total selling point. I don’t overheat in these shoes but my feet are kept at a comfortable temperature. Interestingly, I haven’t found any pilling (like with other knit garments) nor have I found they pick up a lot of dirt. Both things I expected to happen straight away. Merino is also breathable and doesn’t leave your shoes smelling. These shoes are designed to wear without socks. I always wear socks mainly because no matter what new shoes I’m wearing I ALWAYS get blisters. I think I just walk weirdly. 

These shoes were comfortable straight out of the box. No breaking in needed. I’m a size US5.5 but these don’t come in half sizes. Not uncommon here in NZ but the problem for me is that sometimes I take a 5, others a 6. Luckily, my sister already had a pair in a 6 so I tried hers before buying and found them a little loose. So I thought I would just risk getting the 5 as they are supposed to be firm. Allbirds also have an awesome returns policy because they believe in their shoes so much! So there wasn’t much of a risk. And the 5 fits perfectly! Snug but not painfully tight. The merino gives quite a lot so having them firm is the way to go. 

These shoes just mould to my feet! I wear them for everyday outings – to the mall, running errands and just general walking. Not sure how they would hold up at the gym, but they would likely be fine for light exercise (like walking). Either way, they are the perfect shoe for city walking – the whole reason I splashed out and bought them.

They come in a few different colours – three standard colours and a few limited edition colours that change occasionally. I bought the grey colour – goes with everything! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the limited edition colours in the future though (the current shades weren’t quite to my liking for now). The other great thing with the merino is should my shoes get dirty, I can just remove the laces and insoles and throw them in the washing machine (on a wool cycle)! So grabbing the lighter coloured shoes doesn’t seem quite so out of reach for me anymore!

Now, they aren’t exactly cheap. But you can’t expect cheap for the quality that these are. The currently sell for NZ$160 and are sold solely in NZ and USA. When I was looking to buy these, I had initially checked out what was available for the same price through brands like Nike or Adidas and I just found they were not comfortable for the price. These shoes are worth every cent I paid. I would honestly look at buying another pair if they come out on another colour that jumps out at me. 

If you’re looking for a casual athleisure shoe, these may just be the ones for you! Check them out here! Currently, these amazing shoes can be bought easily online with free shipping – just check out their website for further info!


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