Sally Hansen Color Therapy

I was lucky enough to be sent two polishes, the cuticle oil and the top coat from Sally Hansen’s Color Therapy range to trial from Beauty Review (if you live in NZ and want to become a part of this beauty community, sign up here). And this is definitely one of those products I will be purchasing more of as a result – well, the polish anyway! And let’s just say I love the packaging of these polishes – the rose gold lids just make them so cute! I do love me some rose gold so maybe I am a little bias on the packaging.

The Color Therapy range is a nail polish range that is designed to care for your nails and claims to remain chip-resistant and fade-proof for up to 10 days (my constantly chipping nails will be the test of this). It contains a patented micro-delivery system that provides your nails with an argan oil based formula. Besides argan oil, this range also blends acai and evening primrose oil, both also rich in essential fatty acids. Good stuff! This gives your nails some much needed nourishment and moisture which should give you healthier looking nails. Thus, you don’t use a base coat with this polish – you want the polish (and it’s argan oil goodies) to be in direct contact with your nails.

So, does this range really work? Spoiler alert: the polish and oil do!


The Cuticle Oil:

My nails have grown! They usually struggle to grow as they break so easily. But since using this product I have noticed that they have definitely grown! So that alone is a reason I will keep using this product in hopes in the long term it helps fix the damage to my nails. I haven’t noticed a huge miraculous difference in the health of my nails yet; the ridges, peeling, etc. But they haven’t broken since using this product – only grown. Will I finally have long nails?!

I haven’t ever noticed a difference using any cuticle product so I don’t normally use one. I have only been using this product it for two weeks so this may be why I have only noticed them growing a little quicker. Whether it is attributed to the Color Therapy polish or the oil, I did notice when I removed my nail polish a week into the trial, my nails didn’t peel like they usually do when I remove polish; they weren’t as dry. The evidence of past damage was still there, but it didn’t continue or get worse like it normally does. On that note, I will continue using it to see if longer term usage improves my nails further.

This oil comes in matching packaging to the polishes and has a nice short-bristled brush. This makes it really easy to apply. You simply brush the oil onto your nails and cuticles daily and massage it in. It also suggests you wash the oil off prior to applying nail polish. This oil doesn’t have a scent and isn’t overly ‘oily’. It doesn’t feel terrible to use. Like the polishes, it is enriched with argan oil so I can only hope that its continued usage along with the nail polishes will improve the health of my nails.

Would I buy it again? Probably! I will have to continue using it in order to determine whether it is in fact helping the damage to my nails or not in order to decide whether or not to repurchase. The container is big enough that this oil will last a long time; definitely long enough to determine whether it can fix my dreadful nails for good. After that, if it helps as it is already I will definitely be repurchasing!


The Polish:

I was sent two colours that I normally would never choose and of which don’t really go together. So I spent the first week wearing Blushed Petal (190) and the second week wearing Teal Good (460). And I am impressed! Blushed Petal is a peachy-nude shade – I love neutral polishes but this one was a little too peachy for my skin tone. I did grow to quite like it especially adding a statement nail to break it up but when I purchase more of these polishes I will like go a shade darker or less peachy to make it stand out a little more. This will be a great shade for summer though so I shall be reusing it then. The Teal Good colour, again, is not something I would usually pick myself. However, after applying and wearing for a few days, I actually kind of love it! It is a deep teal shade – both warm and bright. I am loving it for winter and have actually had random people compliment me on the colour!

Both did not chip for around five days where I started noticing some chipping along the tips of my nails – something not surprising as this is often where it chips off for me. I am usually terrible with chipping my nail polish. I am talking two days max before it starts chipping off and I have to remove it (I just cannot handle chipped nail polish). I haven’t had any chipping anywhere apart from right on the tips of my nails which to me is just normal wear and tear. So it appears to be reasonably long lasting and on this alone I will purchase other colours.

This polish is pretty standard in how it applies. When I first used the Blushed Petal I found it went on quite streaky and after applying the top coat (despite leaving my nails to dry for quite a while) it only made it worse. So I removed the polish the next day (of which it came off super easy and I was really impressed with that – I had having to scrub off nail polish) and reapplied being a little more generous with my application. This second time it went on a lot easier with very little streaking. I did not have this same issue with the Teal Good colour so this may just be because of the lighter nude shade. I found two coats to be about right for both of these polishes. One didn’t quite provide full coverage and became quite streaky looking. Two coats is just thick enough to cover smoothly but not too much to struggle to dry. The instructions for both polishes also suggest two coats so I would stick with this!

These polishes claim to care while you wear. I had doubts about this but I actually found my nails are looking better! I have terrible nails – they break constantly, have crazy noticeably ridges all over and peel. So really, my nails couldn’t get any worse. So far, my nails have grown! When I removed the first polish to trial the second, my nails were looking a little less ridge-y (they felt and looked quite smooth) and they didn’t peel like they normally do after removing nail polish. I will attribute this to their argan oil formula as most other nail polishes often dry out my nails; I haven’t had this with this polish. Maybe I am on my way to finally having nice (ish) nails! Woo!

Overall, I will definitely be buying more of these polishes. They lasted well considering my nail polish track-record and the colours, despite me initially not really liking, have grown on me and actually look really good on! The only task now is to decide which other colours to buy! Hmmm which to choose, which to choose…


The Top Coat:

I’m not going to lie, this was the most disappointing of the lot! This top coat just didn’t want to work for me.

The top coat comes in matching packaging to the oil and polishes. It is easy to use, just applying one coat to the dried Color Therapy polish. It takes a reasonable amount of time to dry fully but no more or less than any other decent top coat. It made the polish nice and shiny and smooth and my nails feel pretty good to the touch.

I am not sure if it is the top coat or the polish but I did notice some streaking occurring especially after applying the top coat. I had left my nails to dry for quite a while before applying and it still streaked or smudged some nails. Brushing the top coat over the polish saw some of the polish dragged along with it. Annoying. Whether this is an issue with the polish not drying fully or the top coat I am not sure, but it occurred several times – especially when using the lighter colour polish I had. This was quite annoying but I have had the same thing with other top coats before.

My nail polish didn’t show any significant chipping, just the usual minor chipping which occurs with most nail polish and top coats for me. After around five days I only noticed a little bit of minor chipping on the tips of my nails. This is usually where my nail polish starts chipping – just normal wear and tear really and it’s only noticeable if you look closely. Considering I am usually terrible with chipping my nail polish – I’m talking like the next day – and have to take it off straight away because I cannot stand chipped nail polish. Whether it’s the nail polish or the top coat that is long lasting, I am not sure. Would I repurchase? Probably not as it didn’t ‘wow’ me; I have other top coats just as effective. But I would and definitely will be repurchasing the nail polish itself!


Have you tried this range? What colour should I buy next?


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