About Me

Just a twenty-something girl living in a far away land trying to make life a little more interesting.

When life was getting monotonous and stressful I decided to challenge myself. To start a daily blog documenting something during that day that made it interesting, different or even something that simply made me smile. This blog documents my everyday life – the good and the bad. Photo’s are taken and uploaded the same day.

A little bit about me: when I turned 24, I decided I needed to make life a little more interesting. A year long blog challenge became the solution; a photo a day for everyday of being 24. Now I’m 25 and the journey continued! Daily blogging just made my life a little more interesting and makes me think in a more positive way (I go about my day thinkingย “should this be my picture today?”).

Then life got complicated; study and work started becoming busier. I also felt it was time to start focusing on quality over quantity. So I started blogging less – I aim for weekly posts but it could be more or less depending on whether there is something cool to blog about! I love reviewing products – especially beauty products – so the blog may start taking more of a review focus. Let me know what you think or if you want me to review anything in particular!

I am a full time PhD student, part time worker and avid researcher. I’m a shopaholic and beauty enthusiast and I have a wee bit of a crafty side (when I’m stressed … Or procrastinating).

Follow me on my journey and come and say hi!

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